Michael Phelps, one of the most decorated Olympic swimmers and renowned sportsperson in the world, has been moving into the world of professional poker.

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Phelps signed with PokerStars, an online poker giant and has helped to market the brand, but as far as playing poker professionally, the community did not expect much from the swimmer. However, if his recent moves at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure are to be believed, Michael Phelps is bringing his singe-minded gold medal winning focus to the poker tables.

Michael Phelps recently participated in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $10,000 Main Event tourney.

Michael Phelps had to compete against some of the top names in professional poker in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Other participants in the event included the likes of Jason Alexander, Dylan Hortin, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Phil Ivey, Olivier Busquet, Ashton Griffin, Steve O’Dwyer, Jake Cody, Matt Waxman, Nacho Barbero, Greg Merson and Phil Hellmuth.

Michael Phelps who has eighteen gold medals to his name, managed to secure a fairly decent chip stack of 92,000. Michael Phelps did very well against Dylan Hortin and had a good cash in. Ever since joining PokerStars, Phelps has improved his poker skills and one can expect him to participate and perhaps also cash in several times this year.

And while he is having a good time at the poker tables, Phelps is also sporting an interesting change of appearance. Phelps has grown out his sideburns and has even manufactured a rather biker style moustache on his upper lip. A lot of leather and a backwards turned cap completes his look for Phelps the poker player. Some speculation as to whether the new look is helping the swimmer keep a straight poker face while at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

According to USA Today, Phelps’ wardrobe seems to be a sort of mixed and matched look. “Phelps has the back-skewed hat of Justin Bieber, the hipster spectacles of an NBA player who’s trying too hard, the goatee of a guy in a bar who propositions your wife while you’re in the bathroom and a jacket…well, the jacket looks fine. Is that Under Armour?”

The good looking Phelps is also enjoying his time in the sun with some lovely ladies. As for now, it looks like Phelps is getting the best of all life has to offer.

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