The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) recently awarded online poker licenses to three gambling enterprises in the state. The most noted among these is the MGM Casino brand. Other two casinos to be awarded with an online poker license from the state were the CAMS and Z4Poker companies.

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Two more poker brands that have managed to secure an online poker license from the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) include CAMS and Z4Poker. According to Randolph Townsend, the Commissioner in regards to the business that CAMS would be bringing to the state. “”Your business is important to us. The issues you deal with are important to [gaming] providers and to us.”

MGM Resorts is one of the most reputed casino and gambling service providers in the state of Nevada. Recently, they were awarded the online poker license but when one does consider the other two companies with an online gaming license, it becomes evident that MGM Resorts Casino is the biggest player on the field with CAMS and Z4Poker being minnows in comparison.

MGM Resorts on account of their long standing and stalwart reputation in the industry were almost a shoo-in for the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) to issue a license. However, after the arrest and questioning of the Co Chief executive officer of Bwin, there has been some concern over the current relationship that Bwin has with MGM Resorts. Queries were raised about this issue and the folks from MGM explained the matter.

According to Tony Alamo from the Nevada Gaming Commission, Bwin is in a situation that has raised a lot of questions. The Nevada Gaming Commission has expressed a desire to raise these matters with Bwin and get them resolved. In the meantime, he did make it clear that he has “warm and fuzzy” feelings for MGM Resorts.

Since every gambling operator that attempts to secure an online poker license from the state of Nevada will have to go through an enquiry from the Nevada Gaming Commission, Bwin too will have to come up for questioning.

MGM Resorts is pleased with its relationship with Bwin and stated, “We look forward to them coming before this commission.” However, it must be noted that the Nevada Gaming Commission has refrained from making any promises to Bwin but has said, “Bwin will probably be approved.”

“Bwin isn’t in front of us, and that’s a good thing. MGM in front of me is the gold standard—top company,” said Commissioner Moran.

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