The auction held to give poker fans a chance to purchase Full Tilt Poker branded merchandise worth $3.5 million managed to get only $130,800. According to a report by Remko Rinkema at, the company holding the auction got only 3.74% of the actual prize of the merchandize.

The Jay Sugarman Auction Group, a company based in Florida, organized this auction. The company purchased all FTP branded merchandize at a government auction and then made attempts to re-sell it. Apparently, the old Full Tilt Poker surrendered its branded merchandize to the US Marshal’s Service during a settlement that forced it to pull down its shutters and also during another settlement that resulted in its acquisition by The Rational Group.

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The items auctioned off recently might have been stored in one or more warehouses in California, and not many people had heard about this auction. The Jay Sugarman Auction Group doesn’t appear to have a good reputation as it has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau, a rating assigned to it because of its poor customer care service. During the next few weeks, one can expect Full Tilt Poker branded items to appear for sale not only at flea markets all over the US, but also sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Some of the best lots include 91 fleece blankets priced $2.25 per piece along with shipping and other fees. Since these blankets have pouches with zips, individual pieces from the lot may be sold in the range of $7 to $10 at flea markets. Those interested can also get hold of one of 100 poker chip sets with 300 pieces each, priced at $7.50 per set. Poker enthusiasts who organize home poker games would gladly purchase them, hardly caring about the fact that they are Full Tilt Poker branded. Each set comprises a padded case, dice, dealer buttons, and card decks, to mention a few. There are several FTP-branded red pet bowls too, priced at $0.85 per piece plus shipping charges.

When it was at the height of its glory, Full Tilt Poker had purchased thousands and thousands items for its online store. These items include 22,372 copies of a DVD titled “Howard Lederer Tells All,” 6000 mouse pads and 501 silicon cases for iPads, which haven’t been purchased yet.

So, poker fans haven’t really missed the last chance to get hold of an FTP-branded item as there are still several of them around.