May 25th, 2004
Party Poker Hand History Replayer version 1.0 is now released. I've ran this through extensive testing, but I'm sure one of you will be able to find an interesting bug to report. In addition to this release, I've also put up my hand history for the Party Poker multi-table tournament game I placed in. You can find it on the My Hand History page.

Oh yeah, I know there's going to be questions for certain about this history. I'll let the theories fly and answer it at the end of the week. Right now however, I am going to sleep as I am completely exhausted.

May 24th, 2004
Poker Tracker Giveaway going on right now in the forums. Best reply at the end of the month takes home a free copy of Poker Tracker. Have at it!

May 23th, 2004
Party Poker deposit bonus code "RELOADNOW" expires tommorow, May 24th. 15% up to $100, so get in your bonus while you can. As usual, bonus is released after playing 10x raked hands, which usually takes a week.

Other news: the Party Poker Replayer version 1.0 is almost ready to launch. Lots of fixes and a damn cool new feature. Right now I am hammering out some small bugs and trying to make it difficult as possible to decipher, since I have the nice feeling that someone is going to steal all the code to use in their own commercial program.

May 19th, 2004
Well I got 7th in that tournament yesterday and will be posting that hand history with comments soon. I'm going to be a little embarassed of course since there were quite a few wrong plays that I made. Need to work on my multi-game I think, heh.

May 18th, 2004
If anyone is quick, you can catch me at the Party Poker $30+3 multi-table tournament right now. Final two tables. Big stack about 100k. My stack about 15k.

Yeah, if you're quick you'll come in time to see me knocked out I'm sure 🙂 At least I'll finally get around to mowing the lawn… darn tournament!

May 14th, 2004
Uploaded a personal history just now, which you can find in my hand history page. There will be various other histories going up this weekend.

May 13th, 2004 (again)
Removed that giant Party Poker banner and put in a voting booth instead. Kinda boring topic right now, but I'll put some more fun stuff in later when I get creative. Most likely I'll ask what you guys want to see (articles, hand histories, WSOP commentary, MJ actually fix the replayer, etc) so that we have some kind of democratic system going here 🙂

Oh yes – I also teamed up with Poker Tracker and will be giving away free copies of Poker Tracker to a few lucky visitors. I'll give one free copy for each of the following this month of May:

  • Most insightful or helpful forum post
  • Best user submitted poker article
  • Most popular forum guy (or girl)! (Will hold vote at end of month)

With that, the doors are open. If you want to submit an article, please PM (private message) me on the forums and I'll give you an email you can send it to. Articles can be on anything related to poker or Party Poker and any length. Just remember the best article gets a free copy of Poker Tracker, so don't just toss some junk together 🙂

I'll announce the winners at the end of the month, so good luck!

May 13th, 2004
I realized that the site looked like crap to you Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and Firefox users. I just installed Firefox myself and groaned when I opened this site up. I'll be fixing the errors very soon. Also going to be playing around with some new looks for the site.

May 10th, 2004
I swear going and reading through (aka RGP) is just awful these days with all the Party Poker spammers and junk flying around.

Party Poker hand history stuff still on the back burner, sorry for those of you still waiting. I'll see what I can do by Friday. Stay tuned.

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