The global poker community has focused on giving back to charities and NGOs for a number of years and poker pro Matt Stout’s, the founder of the Charity Series of Poker (CSOP) has played an integral role in raising funds from the poker community on a regular basis. Stout who has been interesting in charity giving since he was in his late teens had tied up with Habitat for Humanity for a number of years.

However the CSOP recently announced that it will no longer support Habitat for Humanity as the main organization had clearly indicated that it was anti-gambling and not very interested in receiving funds from gambling organizations. Stout also realized that Habitat for Humanity was spending a lot more money on administrative costs than real funding activities and decided that it was the right time to find another sponsor.

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Stout confirmed that the CSOP has now tied up with Maximum Hope Foundation (MHF) which was founded by Brad Garrett and Kimberly Evans. Stout spoke to the event organizers at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open and decided that funds from this year’s event will be donated to the MHF. One of the reasons Stout decided to partner with the MHF was due to the fact that they had just one employee and their overhead costs were extremely low, ensuring that the maximum amount of funds raised will be used for charity.

While CSOP’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity has now come to an end, Stout did confirm that the charity will continue to support Food Bank as Stout was very supportive of the work they did. The CSOP supports the Three Square food bank in Las Vegas and also the Community food bank in New Jersey.

In a statement, Stout said “I want to continue to grow our events as I seek out more worthy charitable initiatives to support and am starting to look toward effective giving. I look forward to adding a couple more stops to our annual tour and already have been in talks with two properties I think would do a great job of hosting out events.”

Stout admits that it has been hard on him as he had has to invest a lot of time into building and growing the CSOP but finds it extremely rewarding and time well spent when he sees the impact of the CSOP. He is currently looking to hire a marketing expert to help reduce his workload and take the CSOP to the next level.

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