After years of development, the Match Poker Online app is finally launching on February 14. It will give players the opportunity to play poker in a new exciting format that aims to “sportify” the game.
Match Poker adopts the same rules and strategy as regular poker, but the game is scored differently. In Match Poker, the competition revolves around the players across multiple tables who are dealt the same hands and are in the same seat.

Skill Beats Luck

While you try to win chips off the other players at your table, it isn’t where your score is based. Rather, the game looks at how well you play the cards that you get dealt and compares your performance to the players at the other tables who also receive the same cards and are in the same position as you. To come out on top, you need to win more chips or lose fewer chips than those players.
Your skills are assessed through a global ranking system where you get to compete with other players all over the world who are in the same seat as you and are playing the same hands – the same flop, turn, and river. You’ll end up at the top of the rankings if you consistently play better than them.
This format shines the spotlight on a player’s skills, removing the luck element in poker. Hence, luck has no direct impact on your performance.

Unique Learning Experience

Match Poker focuses not only on promoting the competitive and sport aspect of the game but also on helping players improve their skills. The app comes with a host of features where you can get valuable insights on how to become a better player. For instance, the app gathers all of your stats while you play to determine whether you’re playing too aggressively or too passively.
You may also check out thousands of results for every hand played which are stored in a database to help you take your game to the next level. Plus, there’s a cool feature called “Famous Hands” that allows you to relive some of the most iconic hands in poker history.
As what Match Poker’s Jake Colman has said, players will be subject to a pure test of skill while enjoying unique learning opportunities along the way.
After launch, players will compete in multiple seasons throughout the year for a chance to become part of their country’s national team. National events will be held in nearly all ranking levels, with the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) taking charge of the running of the events. Soon the competition will evolve into an Olympic sport.

Try Out Match Poker’s Battle Royale

You may download the Match Poker Online app on your iPhone or Android device and you can immediately get in on the action by trying out the flagship game type Battle Royale.
In accordance with the unique Match Poker format, you get your seat at one of several tables through matchmaking. Meaning you will be pitted against those who have the same IFMP rating as you.
Battle Royale involves multiple elimination stages, with the first elimination event happening after 16 hands have been played. After that, elimination occurs every after four hands.
The match concludes when just one player remains in each seat.
Match Poker will initially hold Battle Royale matches with a total of 36 players (six players per seat). In the future, that number will grow to as many as 80+ players competing at once and the elimination round could see more than one player being eliminated at a time to make sure the match does not extend beyond one hour.
Match Poker will be releasing more features and game types after the launch.

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