While the effects of Black Friday are still being felt by US poker players as well as online poker sites in the US, some disturbing news came to the foreground lately. It was found that the Maryland Police Department in Anne Arundel County has received more than $470000 worth of the captured online poker money during their federal investigations process. Online poker players who have lost their money and are still awaiting news on the same are disturbed and disappointed with this news.

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A widespread online rumor was that an amount of over $30 million had been seized by the concerned Department of Homeland Security in the course of time between December 2009 and January 2011. Hence, the $470000 that the Maryland Police Department has received is still a small amount of the same.

This revelation came on the 2nd of June 2011 and it shook the world of online poker players who have probably by now completely given up any hope of their money being returned to them. While PokerStars is doing the best they can to return money to their players, Full Tilt has not been advancing in its line and it seems as though it might never work out for Full Tilt at this rate based on what the officials have been doing.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Baltimore said it had no plans to give money back. “Illegal gambling proceeds are forfeited to the government,” spokeswoman Vickie E. LeDuc said. “Anyone who believes that an Internet gambling business owes them money can try to collect from the Internet gambling business. The government is not going to give the money to gamblers.”

For now there has been no definite court ruling against these online poker sites that they have seized and hence all that has happened has been questioned by people, especially the online poker players whose money has been lost.

According to legal experts this sort of money bartering is not uncommon, but rarely does any local government department hold a press conference about the same, and this was probably the first time it was done. It kind of changes the meaning of redistribution of wealth, especially when it has been announced on a largely public scale.

The US government has made its intentions regarding this wealth, crystal clear and online poker players should not be considering any kind of hope at this point in time.

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