PokerStars’ $25,000 Player’s No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) in 2019 is being billed as the biggest and most ambitious poker tournament in poker history—and players are lining up to be part of the fun.
The PSPC 2019 will feature a rake-free $25,000 buy-in, where at least $9 million will be given away in the form of 320 Platinum Passes worth $30,000 each. These Platinum Passes secure players a seat to the event, with accommodation and travel allowances to the beautiful Bahamas. It will be the poker vacation of a lifetime, something poker fans, pros, and casual players will all enjoy.
But when PSPC was announced back in December 2017, it didn’t have that “bang” effect that PokerStars was expecting it would have and response was not as positive as they hoped for. But as it turns out, it was only because that the tournament was too far away that people had no pressing need to look forward to it yet, with huge tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and a couple of summer series lined up in 2018.
But halfway through 2018, with hundreds of Passes given away, PokerStars is starting to see the hype build up. Slowly but steadily, the PSPC has started to make real noise in the community—and everyone wants to be a part of it.
David Carrion Takes Over Marketing Campaign
In June 2017, The Stars Group appointed a new Director of Marketing for PokerStars, David Carrion. Carrion joined PokerStars in 2010 and under Carrion’s leadership as Director of Live Poker Operations for Latin America, the Latin America Poker Tour became one of the must-play events in the region. He was also responsible for the success of many key PokerStars events like the Brazilian Series of Poker and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.
Ever since PokerStars was acquired by Amaya Inc. now The Stars Group, the brand has continued experimenting and trying out ways to grow. And with the help of Carrion, they figured that there is room for a huge buy-in tournament that can be enjoyed and experienced by players and fans from around the world.
PSPC: Focus On Players
In an interview, Carrion talks about what goes on behind the scenes of the PSPC promotion and giveaways, and says that the real reason behind the PSPC is the thrust of PokerStars to show that their focus have always been and will always be the players.
In a statement, Carrion said, “Poker is a great equaliser; it appeals to basic humanity by bringing people from around the world together to play. I think there is room for this in the poker scene and I think it represents our passion for the game. Most importantly, it delivers on our intention to focus on the player. We want this to be the players’ tournament.”
While the community has seen more outrageous buy-ins in the past, including the famous One Drop tournaments held by the WSOP, Carrion says the PSPC is in a different arena as it wants to create a high-stakes, dramatic arena where all kinds of players will be able to compete.
This is the real reason behind the Platinum Passes: Accessibility. PSPC aims to make this kind of playing field—a field once only experienced by those with the right bankrolls—accessible to everyone. For the first time, pros, fans, and casual players will be able to grind side-by-side for one of the biggest stakes in poker history. This is the story that PSPC wants to make.
Making It All Possible
PokerStars knows that the goal is ambitious—but they’re also just as confident that they have the right skills and talent to pull it off. Carrion says that the location is good, they have a proven record in Atlantis, they have the most secure playing platform, and this time, they are not competing with anyone else; they just want to do the best that PokerStars can deliver.
They are also pulling it off with the help of their talented ambassadors, who have all been on board for the PSPC Platinum Pass giveaway. Pros like Jason Somerville, Chris Moneymaker, and Jaime Staples are playing their parts in the whole PSPC shenanigan, offering creative ways and challenges for players to win a Platinum Pass.
With the help of these creative events, their ambassadors’ community reach on social media, and the hype built by the continuous giveaways, Carrion is confident they can make it happen. Carrion believes that the PSPC will bring together the poker community like never before, and create a unique poker experience for each player and give them the opportunity to win a life changing sum of money.

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