March 28th, 2005
I will be very gone over the next two weeks. However, I want to add that two submissions for the Beginner's Texas Hold'em Guide were accepted and will be posted when I get back. In addition, I'll post some other hand histories as well and HOPEFULLY get that project I have working on revealed once and for all.

As an incentive, I'll enter you into a PokerStars free roll next week totalling $200 – $450 depending on how many people participate. (Yeah, money is the only great motivator, heh). Email me once you're done and I'll set you up or if you have any questions. If you're also looking for money, I still need someone to write a good article on position. The bounty on that is at $150 (email me before starting it however). If no one decides to do this, I will have free time starting mid-April, so I'm just going to write it myself 🙂

March 14st, 2005
I'm not a huge blog reader, but one of my poker buddies just started a journal.

March 1st, 2005
As an exclusive offer to visitors to this site, PokerStars is offering a $35 sign-up bonus for the month of March! PokerStars review for more details regarding the promotion and PokerStars as well.

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