March 29th, 2004
I’ve posted my trip report about the Party Poker Million III here. Enjoy!
March 12th, 2004
I’ve uploaded the replay from my Party Poker Million warmup game into the Track My Play section, so have at it. It’s a pretty good game, some interesting play, some luck and some bad luck too. Be warned that this replay is big and long, so it’ll take awhile to go through it.
And please, if you haven’t downloaded the Party Poker replayer onto your computer, do it and load the text file this way. Otherwise you’re going to be in for a long wait if your on a slow connection or if the server gets flooded. Thanks.
Also, I’m gone for two weeks, so I won’t be posting or answering email until I’m back.
March 8th, 2004
I’m now watching the final table of the Party Poker Million III warmup game. I got knocked out in 20th place, which just happens to be on the bubble. Only $100, but not bad for not having to buy-in to the tournament. I thought I played a pretty darn good game, so I’ll be posting this replay soon.
Can’t remember, but I think this is my first multi-table NL game on Party Poker. Pretty fun, I should do these more often if it weren’t for the fact they take forever 🙂
March 4th, 2004
I’ve been pretty quiet lately and not doing much work on the Party Poker hand replayer. I’ve got a lot of things going on outside of Party Poker, so I’ll be gone a lot of this month. However, before I go I will promise to get some nice hand replays up. Later this month, I’ll also post some Party Poker related goodies on the site too… but that’ll be under wraps for now.
In the meantime, I’ve got a deal going with the guys over at Poker chip mart that I can offer a 5% off your entire order (see top right banner).
These guys seriously do have the best deals on the web for clay poker chips, so I don’t mind advertising for them. I recommended them to anyone who asked about a good place to buy poker chips in the past, so it’s win-win. One nice thing they also have is an affordable poker table top. For $39, it’s not gonna be a work of art, but it’s a damn good deal.

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