In July, the MANSION Group scrapped its casino software platform in favor of Playtech’s.Now it has decided that the next step in growing its company is to outsource its poker client, as well.This week, MANSION Poker has switched to the Ongame network, giving it access to thousands more players on one of the largest internet poker networks in the industry.

"We aim to take full advantage of Ongame Network's established liquidity to build bigger prize pools and bolder Member promotions for our growing global player base."said MANSION Group CEO, Guy Gussarsky.

But MANSION is not just handing the reigns over to Ongame.Gussarsky added that an important factor in the decision to go with Ongame was “…their ability to enhance our business rather than consume it."

Ongame has high hopes for the venture, as well.

"We are delighted to partner with, who we share great synergy with. Together with and our established partner brands, we are poised to move our online poker network to a whole new level," said Tomer Katz, spokesperson for Ongame Network.

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