Providers of online gaming services spend a considerable amount of money to get their online gaming services regulated and licensed; and when they have finally obtained the license to provide online gaming services, they are permitted to display the logo of the licensing authority on their websites. Lock Poker, which had displayed the logo of the Lotteries and Gambling Authority (LGA) of Malta, is now in trouble because LGA claims that the logo has no business to be displayed on the Lock Poker website.

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LGA of Malta does not often declare that an online gaming service is not affiliated to it; but it recently announced that Lock Poker, which can be accessed at, is not affiliated to the regulatory body in any way.

The LGA has announced that it has not issued any gambling license to In an official notice published on its website, LGA of Malta has informed the public that is not connected in any way with the LGA of Malta and therefore has no right to mention LGA of Malta on its website. Terming such a mention as “false and misleading,” LGA urged the public to gamble in a responsible manner with online gaming service providers that have been issued by regulatory bodies, which follow online gambling laws.

In July, the LGA of Malta had provided a provisional Category 4 gambling license to Merge Gaming Network to which Lock Poker belongs. This license is meant for operators who provide online gaming software solutions to host services of companies having Category 1 – 3 licenses. Operators having Category 4 licenses have nothing to do with the management of players. Currently, Lock Poker is being regulated and licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

It is worth nothing that LGA of Malta has not made any similar statements against RPM, Black Chip Poker, Overbet Poker, and Hero Poker, which are all part of the Merge Gaming Network, and display the LGA of Malta logo on their websites.

The air is now thick with rumors that the reason LGA made a statement that Lock Poker is not associated with it in any way is because of an altercation between the LGA of Malta and Jose Girah, a professional poker player at Lock Poker. However, this is just a rumor and there is nothing to prove the truth of it.

Neither LGA nor the professional poker player in question has made any comments on this issue.

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