Macau has once again proved to be a gambling paradise, providing a space for large cash poker games, the types of which cannot even be found in Las Vegas or at online poker rooms.

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Both poker news reports as well as messages posted on the threads of Two Plus Two, one of the liveliest online poker forums, state that some of the best high-stakes poker players of the world have been playing some of the largest poker games run at Macau. These games witness players winning and losing in millions of dollars every single day.

Ever since the APPT arrived into the city, it has spawned a number of high stakes games attracting some of the top poker pros in the world. Tom Dwan is reported to have lost more than $2.5 million playing high stakes poker at Macau although it is a small amount compared to the amount he won in Macau during one of his previous visits.

Andrew Robi is yet another professional poker player who has won and lost millions of dollars at Macau. The other poker pros who have been regularly playing high stakes poker cash games at Macau are Johnny Chan, Guy Laliberte, and others. These professional poker players try large games where the stakes are as large as $10k/$20k in Hong Kong dollars. Translated into US dollars, the stakes are $1,280/$2,560.

Poker news reports have also mentioned the interesting fact that casino operators are careful about who they invite to their high stakes poker cash games. For example, Patrick Antonius has not been permitted to participate simply because the local people feel that he will not make the games exciting enough. On certain occasions, players want a large ante, which is sometimes bigger than the big blind, to be added in order to make the poker gaming action more exciting than ever.

Tom Hall, the co-founder of APPT, says that some simply colossal jackpots have been won during these high stakes games. He specifically mentioned a jackpot worth $14 million, which could be won by a player who caught a flush on the river.

Macau has been the home of topnotch poker for a number of years, but its reputation for high stakes poker was built recently when the APPT event was held in Macau for the first time last year. Today, Macau is well-known for its ability to give high stakes players all the adventure they desire.

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