Professional poker players Katie Dozier and her husband Collin Moshman had a debate on current poker issues and poker strategies recently, as part of Card Player’s He Bet, She Raised column.

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Sharing her experiences at the WSOP prelim, Katie said that she took slightly more than 2 minutes to make a call on the river. Since it happened to be the last hand, only the opponent from who she won the pot was annoyed, she said.

When Moshman responded that poker “isn’t a game of avoiding annoying people,” Dozier replied, “But it’s not a game of seeing two hands an hour either! There are so many reasons that long tanking is bad for the game. Besides just seeing fewer hands, it’s alienating to the recreational players at the table. If I was new to the game and saw someone tanking for five minutes, I would feel intimidated that they even have enough thoughts about the decision to fill that amount of time.”

Explaining why she is against “long tanking,” she said that it makes poker TV shows more boring and alienates recreational players while the focus should be on making poker more popular than ever.

When Mosham pointed out that players sometimes need time to make a difficult decision and wanted to know if she expected them to make poor decisions because of lack of time, she replied, “Poker is a game of making the best decision in a limited amount of time, and then studying to improve your thought process by devoting time to improving when away from the table. If someone makes a bad decision because they didn’t have enough time to think, then that most likely means they should spend more time studying at home and do a better job of predicting how they’ll respond to different actions before they actually occur.”

However, when she suggested a shot clock to prevent long tanking in poker tournaments, Moshman said it could be tough to implement.

Katie Dozier, one of The Grindettes, is the head coach of Team Moshman and a blogger who has won awards. She has co-authored Pro Poker Strategy and The Superuser which Collin Moshman. Her official website is

Her husband Collin Moshman has written poker books such as Sit n Go Strategy, The Math of Hold’em, and Heads Up No Limit Hold’em. The leader of Team Moshman, he creates poker videos for PokerStrategy and CardRunners. His official website is

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