Recently, the owners of Two Plus Two Forum, a popular online poker forum, had a telephonic conversation with Lock Poker officials. Representatives of Lock Poker, which has been advertising its product on Two Plus Two Forum for a long time, promised that the online poker room will soon provide “a more detailed explanation” of its payout issues. It may be recalled that Lock Poker players are getting more and more apprehensive because the online poker room takes up to four months just to process payouts.

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US as well as international players have been put through a great deal of inconvenience because of payout delays at Lock Poker. Although this has been happening for months, Lock Poker has not yet found a proper solution to the problem. Lock Poker is the host of a sponsored forum featuring Lock Poker representatives on Two Plus Two. Accordingly, the online poker room advertises its product on Two Plus Two by posting large banners all over it.

The owners of Two Plus Two conversed with Mason Malmuth, a Lock Poker representative, over the phone, at the end of which Lock Poker promised that it will remove its banners from Two Plus Two if it is unable to resolve its payout issues at the earliest possible and as per the satisfaction of the online poker forum. Lock Poker stated that one of its representatives will “take an active role in answering any questions.”

A Two Plus Two poster claiming to represent the fraud and security department at Lock Poker has made posts on Two Plus Two, but has not provided any fresh information regarding payout issues at the online poker room. Besides, Two Plus Two moderators have not yet confirmed that the poster is indeed associated with Lock Poker.

Meanwhile, poker players have urged pros representing Lock Poker to explain its payout problems. Some pros responded suggesting that players should wait for some time as Lock Poker has promised that it will soon resolve the issue.

One of the posters on Two Plus Two has quoted an email from Lock Poker’s customer support: “Thank you for your reply, please note that player transfers and winnings derived from player transfers are not eligible for payouts. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.”

Denying the presence of such a policy, Lock Poker says that its customer care representatives had sent that email in response to a specific player problem.

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