Lock Poker, one of the reputed and well known poker rooms on the internet today, known for catering to hundreds of poker players from all over the world, recently announced that it would be leaving the Merge Gaming Network on which it been functioning for several years in favour of Cake. As part of this move, Lock Poker will be looking to acquire the Cake Poker Network. After the agreement has been made and the contracts signed Lock Poker will then take steps to rebrand the Cake Poker Network and will seek out the help of its LockPRO Team in doing this.

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According to a press release that Lock Poker had issued to the public regarding the alterations it had implemented and encouraging their current players that the move from Lock to Cake Poker would be as smooth as possible. The notice read, “To all existing Lock players, this move will be seamless – it will take the form of a simple software update happening on May 31st. You will login to find your real money balance as well as everything else you know and love about Lock. Lock will also continue to manage their own stand-alone cashier so withdrawals will be as fast and easy as they are now. All players’ current player VIP rewards will only increase and all rakeback players will be moved over to the increased percentage on Revolution. More details coming soon.”

Lock Poker will be looking to have its team involved in the planning of the new network set up and establishing a far more interesting and improved system of  online poker tournaments for players. The team and company would also be working on other aspects of the network such as software and technological developments. Players can also expect to see changes made in the player rewards system.

Jennifer Larson, the Chief Executive Officer of Lock Poker, had much to say on these changes and was looking at the move in a very optimistic light, which is sure to encourage new players and existing Lock Poker members to also take it in such a viewpoint. “We are very excited at the prospect of driving the product, marketing and overall vision of the network. It is a dream come true. Merge was a great stepping stone for us but we have outgrown them. We really need to forge our own path to continued success. The only way to do this is to stay true to our core philosophy: partnering with our players,” she said.

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