In the Tight Poker forums, there was recent talk about testing out new software to record live internet poker sessions, which we could then share on the web. Seeing how this site is known for our hand history replays, I decided to give it a shot and record a few live lessons. You probably want a high bandwidth connection to view these videos, but they are free, so feel free to destroy whatever bandwidth I have on my server and let me know what you think about these. (Update: I am only uploading one at a time to see how the server handles the bandwidth. More files to come soon.)

In addition, I've also posted more poker book reviews, with a contribution by AJ for Kill Phil and a review by Jace for Winning Low Limit Hold'em. Two great books, I definitely recommend at least reading the reviews.

Lastly, AJ also has another article for Tight Poker titled, Why I Play Poker. Good piece that examines the fundamental reasons we play and how it affects us, so if you've gone through everything else on the news today, be sure to check that out as well.

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