Delaware’s online poker figures are not that encouraging in spite of the liquidity sharing pact the state signed with its neighbour Nevada.

By signing the interstate liquidity sharing compact, both states hoped to improve their Internet gambling revenue figures. The compact was expected to definitely increase online poker revenue as online poker requires a good-sized player pool to thrive.

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But sharing player pools hasn’t had the desired outcome in Delaware. Last month, the state’s online poker rooms turned out revenue of $24,523, which is 21.5% lesser than the revenue of last month and around $1,000 lesser than Delaware’s all-time monthly low in July 2015.

Although these figures do not suggest that online poker is finished in Delaware, they do question the effectiveness of the liquidity sharing pact that the two states signed.

Ever since Black Friday, America’s poker community in general and associations such as Poker Players’ Alliance (PPA) in particular have been lobbying for the legalization and regulation of online poker both at the state and federal levels.

Although federal-level legalization is almost impossible at present, individual states are free to legalize and regulate the game. States that are considering legalization are not going to get excited about it because of the poor revenue figures in Delaware.

However, everything is not bleak for online poker. Online poker revenue in New Jersey is very good as the state generated close to $2 million in May and June 2015. New Jersey has the advantage of a large population, but its revenue figure is sure to encourage states that are planning to legalize online poker.

Currently, only Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have licensed and regulated online poker. But states such as California and Texas are doing everything in their power to pass online poker bills into law.

In 2015, California tried hard to legalize the game, but was not successful. The state plans to make fresh attempts in 2016. As part of an initiative launched by PokerStars, the world’s biggest online poker room, pros such as Daniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker visited several places in California to promote the game.

Many feel that the next state to legalize the game will be Pennsylvania, which is very close to agree on an online poker bill that has a very good chance of passing through the Senate by the end of 2015. But there is also a chance that the bill won’t appear before the Senate till early next year.

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