Raymond Lesniak, the State Senator for New Jersey, seems to completely in favor of the new deal between online poker room PokerStars and the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel.

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PokerStars recently purchased the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel and will be using it as its physical presence in the state of New Jersey. This will allow it t provide online poker services to the people of New Jersey.

Sen. Raymond Lesniak has announced that Rational Group, the company behind the online poker brand of PokerStars, will easily be able to get all the required approvals for government and state authorization for its purchase of the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel.

“They’re a huge international company with a tremendous amount of resources…They’ve operated throughout the world without any difficulty. The legal issues that they had with the Justice Department were not the type of legal issues that have been of great concern to us…Atlantic City and New Jersey have a very thorough regulatory process. That’s because of the influence of organized crime that was rampant in New Jersey decades ago. That’s not an issue here with PokerStars. What they did is not the same level of illegal activity that we have to be concerned about in New Jersey and elsewhere in terms of the gaming industry,” stated Lesniak.

As of now, Rational Group the owners of the online poker room have already filed papers for the purchase and it is merely a waiting game. “This is a big, big boost to Atlantic City and its revival… I think it’s important for the success of Atlantic City to have investors like PokerStars.”

The papers are currently held by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement who will have to grant for regulatory approval. This notice will be with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for a period of 90 days so it can investigate the claim, after which its report would be passed to the Casino Control Commission, which will make a final decision with thirty days. “If the governor doesn’t sign my Internet gaming bill, there will be at least one casino and probably others that will have to close their doors, and thousands of people will lose their jobs in Atlantic City…Without additional revenue from Internet gaming, that’s what will happen,” Lesniak commented.

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