The U.S. based Las Vegas Sands Corporation is one of the biggest and most popular gaming operators in the world having a strong presence in the key markets of Macau, United States and Singapore. The company’s managing director for global development George Tanasijevich recently sat down with Inside Asian Gaming and shared his views on Las Vegas Sand’s future expansion plans.
George Tanasijevich – Role & Responsibilities
Before we go into details regarding the company’s future plans, we’ll take a close look at Mr. Tanasijevich as he is set to play a key role in Sands Corp’s expansion plans. He joined the company back in 2004 in the capacity of a director of development and was given the responsibility of overseeing the Venetian Macau project. When Sands Corp wanted to expand in Singapore and secure one of the two gaming licenses, Tanasijevich was given the responsibility and he succeeded in not only getting a license but also in securing prime real estate where the iconic Marina Bay Sands is now located.
Tanasijevich has been the chief executive officer and president of Marina Bay Sands since 2011 and has made the turned the property into one of Sand’s Corps most popular casino resorts. Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson has thrust a lot of responsibility on his shoulders as Tanasijevich is also responsible for spearheading the company’s efforts of expanding into the newly licensed market of Japan.
Las Vegas Sands Corp – Japan Initiative
There are reports that the newly approved casino market in Japan will initially sanction just two casino licenses. Las Vegas Sands Corp is one of the favorites to obtain one of those elusive gaming licenses because of the company’s reputation and success in Singapore. Japanese regulations are currently in the process of formulating gaming regulations that will govern the Japanese casino industry and they are focusing primarily on the Singapore model.
Japan is concerned over the issues of problem gambling and will most likely adopt a similar gaming model such as Singapore – a limited amount of casinos, an entrance fee imposed on locals who want to gamble and making it mandatory for a high investment to be made in order to secure a casino license.
Tanasijevich has the experience of setting up Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and as a result automatically gives the Sands Corp an edge over its competitions. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has said on previous occasions that his company is willing to invest close to $10 billion to develop an integrated resort. The company is currently looking at Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama but like other casino operators is waiting for Japan to release more information regarding its regulatory process before making any commitments.
Las Vegas Sands – Asian Market Expansion
Tanasijevich stated that while there were talks of a gaming license being made available in Queensland, Australia – Las Vegas Sands Corp was not interested in pursuing that opportunity and entering the Australian market at this point of time. The company’s focus remains on Asian markets and he specifically made reference to Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand.
Vietnam: The Sands Corp has always been interested in Vietnam but has stopped short of launching due to the fact that there was a ban on locals gambling. The Vietnamese government in the last 12 months has decided to experiment by lifting the ban on locals and allow specific casinos to allow locals to gamble. Based on the results, the government could end up lifting the ban on locals completely.
Sands Corp is willing to invest into Vietnam once it knows for sure that the ban on locals will not be imposed on its integrated resort. Tanasijevich stated that Sands Corp had positioned itself to move into the Vietnamese market quickly, should the government lift the ban.
Thailand: Sands Corp wants to develop an integrated resort in Bangkok but is currently not pushing the issue as Thailand is still in a mourning period after losing its King. Tanasijevich confirmed that the company is only looking at Bangkok due to the fact that it had an international airport and also because the company had already conducted extensive research on a potential integrated resort in Bangkok.
South Korea: Tanasijevich said the company was keeping a close watch on the South Korean market as they believe they could bring serious value to South Korea by developing an integrated resort. The infrastructure, attractions and amenities created by Sands Corp would greatly benefit South Korea but as of now they were still waiting on some of the legislative measures to change before making a decision to enter the South Korean market.

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