Joseph LaPinta became the champion of the tenth stop of the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) 2013 – 14, having won its $1,675 Main Event, which attracted a field of 578 players and generated a prize as large as $867,000. LaPinta, who had begun playing at the final table with the eighth largest stack, ended up winning the top prize of $182,070 and a free entry into the National Championship of 2014.

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The runner-up of the event was Joseph Wertz, who won $112,615 for his efforts. The players who finished third and fourth were John Jones and Keith Donovan, who won $82,384 and $61,106, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth were Fabrizio Sarra and Jeremy Wien, who won $45,977 and $35,070, respectively. The players who finished eighth and ninth were James Dorrance and Kevin Kernan, who won $21,259 and $16,889, respectively.

According to WSOP’s live blog, Kevin Kernan was the first player to the eliminated from the final table. He had bet all-in for 380,000 and John Jones had responded with a call. Kernan had an Ace of Diamonds and a King of Diamonds, and he was quite happy when the Ace of Hearts, Seven of Diamonds, Five of Hearts, and Nine of Spades showed up on the turn. Unfortunately for him, a Queen of Hearts turned up on the river, which turned out to be favorable for Jones, who got the two pair. As a result, Kernan bust in the ninth place.

The next to leave the table were James Dorrance and Melad Marji, after which Jeremy Wien busted in the sixth place in the 27th level. When Wien had an Ace of Diamonds and a Ten of Hearts, Wertz had a King of Diamonds and a King of Clubs. The odds calculator at PokerNews gave Wien only 29.17 percent chance of survival while Wertz got a 70.44 percent chance of winning the hand. The cards on the flop did not act in favor of Wien, pulling his survival percentage down to 15.15 percent, while pulling Wertz’s percentage up to 84.85 percent. The cards on the turn and the river worsened the situation for Wien, who had to bust in the sixth place and take home a prize of $35,070.

Ultimately, the game boiled down to a heads-up between Wertz and LaPinta, in which LaPinta won the championship title, a gold ring, $182,070, and a free seat to the National Championship of 2014.

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