Keven Stammen won the Hollywood Poker Open Season 3 Championship Event, which was held at the M Resort in Las Vegas. He defeated Joe Serock in a heads-up match to win the first-place prize of $347,052. Among the finalists were tough players such as Joe Kuether and Alex Keating.

Sixteen players had survived into the event on Day 3, but sixteen double-ups were required to determine the 10 finalists. The players who could not make it to the final table were Pedro Oliveira, Tom Dobrolovic, Garrett Greer, Steve Warburton, and Kyle Frey.

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When the final table action began, Rudy Lucas was the chip leader. While Serock and Jiachen held the second and third biggest stacks, Stammen was only in the fifth place and Kuether was the short-stacked player. The first to bust was Kuether, who took home a prize of $23,753 for his efforts.

Andrew Fisher finished in the ninth place and took home a prize of $30,848 as his Jacks were no match for Diogo Cardoso’s Queens. Serock made a five-bet and Michael Laake, who had pocket queens, responded with a call. Unfortunately, the cards on the board favoured Laake. After a few hands, Lucas finished in the seventh place and won a prize of $46,273. The Canadian player Gong had to bust in the sixth place and stay content with $55,064 when his pocket fives were defeated by Stammen’s sixes.

By this time, Stammen was in the lead, a position that he retained till he won the championship title.

Taylor-Brady, who was the last woman standing, finished in the fifth place. She initially doubled up, but her queens were no match for Stammen’s Six and Ace. As a result, she had to leave the table with $70,951.

Cardoso, the Portuguese professional poker player, finished in the fourth place and took home a prize of $97,635. Cardoso, who held an Ace and a Deuce, bet all-in, but Stammen’s Five and Ace won the hand. A few hands later, Keating finished in the third place for $140,514. The cards on the board did not help him improve his Ten and Six while Serock held fours.

When the last hand was being played, Serock raised with a Six and Deuce while Stammen held a pocket kings. Since the board was of no assistance, Serock had to finish as the runner-up.

Ultimately, Stammen got to take home the first-place prize of $347,052 and the championship title.