Short Deck poker has turned out to be one of the more popular variants in recent times and poker players around the world want to master this new variant. Kane Kalas has put together an interesting course to help new and veteran poker pros under Short Deck poker. The high stakes crusher will teach you everything you need to know to master the game through a comprehensive course that is now available on Upswing Poker.
Kalas’ Short Deck Poker package includes in-depth discussion on the most important elements of the popular Texas Hold’em variant, starting with preflop charts all the way to higher-level post-flop strategies. Kalas has put together his brand new course for six months before finally launching it yesterday. His friend Doug Polk was among the people he collaborated with in developing this new training course.
Who is Kane Kalas?
Kalas started his poker journey by playing online before switching to the live tournament arena. He likes to indulge himself in high stake prop bets with his most recent bet taking place during the 2019 WSOP. Kalas booked prop bets with two of the biggest names in poker — Doyle Brunson and Shaun Deeb.  Apart from playing poker, Kalas also keeps himself busy in the broadcast booth. His father is the late Harry Kalas, the famous American sportscaster who was the play-by-play commentator for Major League Baseball team Philadelphia Phillies.
Kalas has been grinding live poker games over the last few years, mostly playing No Limit Hold’em and Short Deck, and has earned $1,580,797 in total live earnings so far. In 2018, he won the biggest ever cash game pot in poker history after defeating Jason Koon for $2 million during the Triton Cash Game event in Montenegro.
Kane has a strong reputation on the poker circuit, earning him the right and the ability to share his knowledge with other players. In his new Short Deck course, Kalas is giving his all to help players improve their Short Deck game.
Kane Kalas’ Short Deck Course
Kalas offers a comprehensive insight into the increasingly popular variant, through a 27-hour course, tackling every aspect of the game. The course has four main sections, namely, Short Deck Fundamentals, Preflop, Postflop, and Play & Explains (which is comprised of a total of 57 videos). Each section has at least three sub-sections covering preflop rules,  heads-up preflop, flop hand strength, river play and adjustments, as well as hand reviews from Triton Poker’s short deck events.
The first section teaches the game’s basics, and sheds light on a number of elements that play a vital role in setting up your strategy, such as playing more hands, slow-playing, straight draws, overbetting, as well as adjustments for short deck variations. The preflop section takes about four hours, and contains preflop charts for Short Deck, including antes and heads-up play, carefully crafted by Kalas himself. The section also includes 16 videos that tackle limping, hijack and cutoff raises, calling all-in, and overcalling.
The postflop section provides a better understanding of river play and hand strength, and useful adjustments which you can apply to your advantage. There are a total of 12 videos in this section, explaining card rankings, effective bluffs, and quantifying the stakes, among others.
In the last section, Kalas analyzes a number of Short Deck hands, and also features hand reviews from Triton Poker events.
Every video comes with written content put together by Kalas to make things clear, especially for beginners. Kalas’ brand-new Short Deck course is available for a one-time payment of $999.
This looks a bit pricey for the less-experienced players, but the high price course is understandable given the fact there is usually a lot of money to be won in Short Deck tournaments.
The course aims to improve your win-rate and give you a massive edge over your opponents. So if you’re keen on enhancing your strategy in order to win big in the Short Deck arena, you can check out the new course.
If you end up buying this course before October 31, you can get a bonus course featuring Tom Dwan for free, where Kalas explains Dwan’s strategy in playing Short Deck.

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