The Kahnawake Gaming Commission informed all its Licensees to stop offering online betting services in the United States from September 30 after the commission reached an agreement with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). The two organizations held a long series of negotiations after the New Jersey attorney general’s office found that one of Kahnawake licensees Continent 8, LLC which operated as an internet services firm had partnered with a few Kahnawake Gaming Commission licensees.

In a statement, the commission said “The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has directed that an applicant or existing licensee that accepts players from a U.S. State without being authorized by the U.S. State to do so, is engaged in an activity that adversely affects Kahnawake’s jurisdictional integrity or reputation. An application from an operator that engages in this activity will be denied. Existing licensees have been advised that, not later than September 30, 2016, they must modify their operations to conform to the Commission’s regulatory directive or their licenses will be terminated”.

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Since online gambling is only permitted in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, a number of unlicensed gambling operators have continued to provide illegal gambling services in the United States and have caused a serious concern for the three states as it ate into their legalized online betting revenue. The NJDGE was happy that it managed to work out an agreement with Kahnawake to stop unlicensed operators from offering unlicensed services in the U.S. as it would ensure that online gamblers will be able to play on approved and regulated websites.

David Rebuck, the director for the NJDGE stated that the agreement between both parties was an important step for safeguarding the integrity of online gambling in the garden state. Rebuck stated that the NJDGE appreciated Kahnawake commitment towards banning all unlicensed operators in the state and stated that both parties will continue to work together to ensure that the fight against unlicensed online gambling traffic continues. The Kahnawake commission also confirmed that they would continue to support the NJDGE’s initiative to stop unlicensed gambling operators.

Ever since online gambling was banned in the United States, a number of unlicensed operators have started illegal betting websites offering casino games and sports betting. They attract thousands of online gamblers in the United States and pose a significant challenge to the authorities. The agreement between Kahnawake Gaming and the NJDGE will help to bring down the number of unlicensed operators.

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