The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, one of the major regulatory organizations in online poker, addressed the cheating scandals at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker in an official statement Wednesday.

The discussion of the Absolute Poker case was brief, as it has already been wrapped up.The statement summarized what the KGC said earlier this year, that the cheating was not initiated by Absolute, its directors, or principal ownership, nor did any of them benefit from the cheating.Specific sanctions were handed down to Absolute and all affected players were reimbursed.

As for UltimateBet, the KGC said that during its investigation, it has worked to “identify and correct” the holes in UB’s systems that made the cheating possible, identify the perpetrators of the scheme, and make all players whole who were cheated.The KGC also admits that it has not done a good job at keeping the online poker community in the loop during the investigation.

The KGC plans to issue a decision in the UB case “within the next several days.”

As an added note, the KGC gave credit to players at UB and AP, who were largely responsible for uncovering the cheating at both poker rooms.

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