Justin Ouimette, a young poker professional recently won the Canadian Poker Classic and took home a grand sum of $66,000 as the prize money. The player’s win was remarkable because he went all in during the main event of the Canadian Poker Classic and emerged $66,000 richer for it.

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Justin Ouimette appeared excited and thrilled with his victory, “I’m just going to be focusing on playing more and more poker. I’ve been doing it full time for three years now and I’ve learned from the best players in the world, so I am pretty confident,” he said.

The poker player was up against a strong line up of poker players and had to beat Amarith Keo to win the final leg of the event. Ouimette became the inaugural winner of the Canadian Poker Classic which was held at the Stardust Poker Mansion in Kanhawaka.

According to Justin Ouimette, “It was three long days of poker. It was a really tough field with a lot of good players. I played really good. It was just a great feeling to win.”

Ouimette, a 25 year old poker player from Windsor, may not have been as experienced as several of the other poker players present at the Canadian Poker Classic Main Event, but did not appear disconcerted by the fact. “The great thing about poker is it brings all kinds of people together. I’ve played against celebrities and top-rated poker pros before but it’s not every day someone like me gets the chance to stay that they knocked out a UFC fighter like Joey Gambino,” the player said.

In the latter part of the game, Keo was the one in the lead and Ouimette wasted hours trying to get ahead until he caught a break when he went all in holding an ace of clubs and jack of hearts. Justin Ouimette also explained what he went through and was up against as the lay neared the end. “I knew once I saw the ace come up in the turn, I was in pretty good shape,” he said.

The player appears to be looking forward to more poker games and enjoys winning.  “The Canadian Poker Classic Main Event was great because the structure benefitted good players and they had good dealers, free drinks and food, so it was a great value,” said Ouimette. “I hope we’ll see more live events of this caliber in Canada.”

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