Justin Bonomo lost his position on the All Time Money Leader’s list earlier this month when he was surpassed by Bryn Kenney who won over $20 million for his second place finish at the Triton Million – A Helping Hand for Charity event which had a £1,050,000 buy-in.
Bonomo who is one of the best high stakes poker players in the world knows that it is going to take some fantastic play for him to regain the top spot for Kenney who now has a whopping $55.5 million in career prize money. Bonomo is on the right track though as he ended up winning the Triton London Short Stack Main Event which had a £100,000 buy-in.
Bonomo Wins Over $3 Million
There was tough competition at the Triton London Short Deck Main Event as some of the top high stakes poker players in the world took part. Some of those in attendance included Malaysian high stakes poker pro and Triton Poker co-founder Paul Phua who has had a good run at the London series. Some of the other players included Isaac Haxton, Rui Cao and Malaysian poker pro Wai Kin Yong who had earlier won the Triton London Main Event for $3.1 million.
Wai Kin Yong had a great run at the Short Deck Main Event and looked like he was about to clinch his second Main Event win as the final battle turned out to be between him and Bonomo. However, Justin Bonomo showed his class and proved that he is one of the best high stakes poker pros in the game by sticking to his game plan which helped him come out on top and win £2,670,000 in prize money.
Bonomo Not Interested In Number One Spot
The win has pushed Bonomo’s All Time prize money up to $48.5 million which puts him ahead of Canadian poker pro Daniel Negreanu who is in third place with $41.8 million in career prize money but still $7 million short of the top place. Bonomo acknowledged Bryn Kenney’s performance at the Triton Super High Roller Series London and his takeover of the top spot but said it did not concern him.
Bonomo said that he has no interested in competing for the number one spot as his strategy is very different from Kenney’s. Bonomo said that he plans on playing less poker events in the coming months while Kenney’s plan is to keep playing more poker events which gives him the opportunity to win lots more money and keep the top spot.
Bonomo Talks About Early Retirement  
Juston Bonomo stole the headlines in 2018 when he had a tremendous run at the poker tables that allowed him to knock Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu from the top spot on the All Time Money list. Negreanu had held on to the top spot for years so when Bonomo toppled him, everyone expected Bonomo to hold on to it for quite some time.
However with the whopping prize money now being given away at high stakes poker tournaments, it has resulted in constant shifts on the All Time Money list.
Bonomo is not interested in the All Time Money list rankings as he believes that after his outstanding run in 2018, he has nothing left to prove on the poker circuit as he is not playing for money anymore and has nothing to prove to anyone.
Bonomo is thinking about retiring from poker but will not bring the curtain down on his illustrious poker career immediately. His way of walking away from the game which has brought him so much is to play lesser events in the coming months and then slowly walk away for good.
Paul Phua Falls Short Once Again
The Short Deck Main Event was another close miss for Paul Phua who finished in fourth place. Phua finished in second place to Wai Kin Yong at the Triton Poker Main Event and was in the running to finish on top at the Short Deck Main Event. However, Phua was once again eliminated by Wai Kin Yong and took home $1,183,257 for his fifth place finish.

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