While Aussie poker players dominated Event #1 of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2014 Asia Pacific, Malaysian poker players dominated Event #1. Junzhong Loo of Malaysia became the first Malaysian WSOP gold bracelet winner.

Poker players from Malaysia have been having a hard time. They got a shock when they heard that Full Tilt Gaming and PokerStars have withdrawn their services from Malaysia and 29 other gray markets. But their spirits lifted slightly when Loo and Aik-Chuan Nee, another Malaysian player, eliminated most of the finalists of Event #2.

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The two players are not new to live poker tournaments, but Nee is believed to have learned the game from Loo. Ultimately, it was the teacher who triumphed over the student. The heads-up match between the two lasted for just 50 hands before both ended up with a pocket pair. Nee, who held the shorter stack of chips, bet with a pair of deuces. Loo, who held a pair of sixes, responded with a call. The flop presented a five, three, and four, owing to which both got a straight draw. However, the turn and the river turned out to be in favor of Loo, who emerged as the winner of the WSOP APAC championship title and the coveted gold bracelet.

Speaking about his latest achievement, Loo said: “It means a lot, but I told myself that I can’t give up poker until I win something. I really worked hard for the past three months and then I got lucky today.”

The results of the final table of Event #2, a $2,200 buy-in NL Hold’em tournament, are as follows: While the champion Junzhong Loo took home the first-place prize of $107,500, runner-up Aik-Chuan Nee took home $66,444. The players who finished third and fourth were Luke Spano and Martin Kozlov, who won $48,358 and $35,763, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth were Peco Stojanovski and Sam Ngai, who won $26,862 and $20,490, respectively. The players who finished seventh, eighth, and ninth were Sam Ruha, Feng Zhou, and Michael O’Grady, who won $15,867, $12,470, and $9,946, respectively.

The next event to look forward to is the $5,000 buy-in PL Omaha tournament, which will be played on the same day as Day 2 of the $1,650 buy-in NL Hold’em Terminator tournament.

The WSOP 2014 Asia Pacific will be played at the Crown Poker Room at Melbourne in Australia from October 2 to October 18.

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