Of late the online poker sector in the US has had a sad story to tell, and if anything the situation keeps getting worse with more indictments or cases being loaded against the companies that offered online poker in the US.

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Adding fuel to fire have been the scandals many poker professionals have been involved in and off late one specific case has attracted extreme attention for the same. Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates is the poker professional who intended to move to Canada to play online poker for a living all his life, and the last update on his Twitter account was for the same.

Recently some news regarding Daniel Cates has been brought to the attention of the authorities and that involves him being charged with multi-accounting fraud wherein he operated under various different names with various different online poker sites in the US when they were in business.

The worst part of it is that he initially refrained from any acceptance of the same and claimed that he had never been involved in any such activities, and after a while he opened up saying that he had been operating multiple accounts.

He also got into an argument with another player, Tyler Smith, and was found to be extremely rude while settling the negotiation after having won the money based on one of those alternate multi-accounts. His response to Tyler Smith goes, “I can offer coaching as a condolence, that being said it was implied that you were playing someone good…If you’re suggesting I give you money back I’d like to point out no one has gotten money back from maing (multi-accounting)…I don’t want my rep ruined further…or you will post on 2+2?…sounds like you’re blackmailing me…GL bro, if you want to throw poo at each other here we go.”

Daniel Cates admitted to have been using multiple accounts and he has apparently made quite a large sum out of the same. While his plans included settling in Canada, he will now have to deal with several other issues and authorities, and later even if he is ever let off the hook, he would find it difficult to get an account with any online poker site whether in the US (if it happens) or in any other country for that matter. Such cases and instances are remembered through online news sites forever and will be quoted every single time he makes news ever again.

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