MommasBigGun and olkku agreed to a deal at 8:40 PM EST Sunday night to bring the June 8 Party Poker 300K guaranteed to a close. The deal was virtually a 50-50 split of the remaining $93,000 in prize money with MommasBigGun taking $47,402.20 and olkku taking $45,597.81.

The deal was made after olkku suggested to MommasBigGun that they play heads up for $27,000 (the difference between 1st and 2nd prize money) rather than play for such an amount with blinds at $40,000/$80,000 (which left each player with little more than 30 times the big blind, with steeper blinds to follow every 20 minutes.) Here are the rest of the top ten payouts:

1.MommasBigGun, $47,402.20
2 olkku, $45,597.81
3 Klausen_, $20,700.00
4 ozencc, $16,350.00
5 Saraque, $13,800.00
6 DUTCH_VIS, $10,350.00
7 Mamanya, $7,950.00
8 basicbingo, $5,250.00
9 latzikissa, $4,050.00
10 luckyalex84, $2,850.00

1,365 entrants bought in for $215 bringing the total prize pool to $293,475 and the overlay for the 300K guaranteed to well over $20,000 after factoring in administrative fees. But these are just the numbers – for a play by play analysis of the June 8th Party Poker 300K follow this link

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