June 27th, 2005
Second post for today, this time a New York Times article, called “At PartyGaming, Everything’s Wild”. Read the article, because these guys really run a rather strange operation. Not only that, their group operations director is named “Anurag Dikshit” and their non-executive chairman is named “Michael Jackson”. Right. Party Poker has some interesting background behind it, that’s for sure.
June 27th, 2005
Here’s an article about owner of Party Gaming (the parent company of Party Poker). An excerpt from the article:
” Ruth Parasol and her husband, Russ DeLeon, own approximately 40 percent of the company, and would stand to make $683 million in the public offering.
The pair and two other co-founders will sell around 23 percent of the company in the public offering and will retain the remaining 77 percent. The remaining stake held by Parasol and DeLeon in the firm could be valued at around $2.73 billion.
Party Gaming said its revenues were $222 million in the first quarter this year, up 93 percent from a year earlier. Operating profit jumped 81 percent from a year earlier to $128 million. The company makes most of its money on the “rake” from the pot in a poker game, a maximum 2 percent deduction of wagers placed during a hand.”
Yeah, she’s going to be one rich person, provided everything goes smoothly with Party Gaming’s IPO in London. Thanks to goofyballer in the poker forums for the tip on this article.
June 23rd, 2005
Travis (my poker buddy) wrote a very funny post on his poker blog today regarding poker and relationships. I’m gonna quote part of it:
“… For example, say player Mike raises with AA and the flop is JT9 all diamond and Mike doesn’t have the A of diamond. There’s 4 way action and everyone raises like crazy on the flop. Mike should get out the hand obviously but he’s in love with AA and stays in there like a fool and wastes his time, money, and life.
It’s the same with love. Don’t you know plenty of people who are so in love with somebody who treats them badly. Yet they still continue to stay in this bizarro relationship because there was a point in time when everything was great. When they used to hangout all the time, walk around the park, go out to eat. You know that time…. before the flop.”
I usually don’t read blogs because I’m a busy guy, but Travis is my bud, so I do visit his site. If anyone else knows of good poker blogs I should be reading, let me know in the forums. Also, final Party Poker hand histories for the $50 single table tournaments have been posted: . (For you observant ones, yes, #11 was skipped.)
June 22th, 2005
Empire Poker is having a reload bonus of 100% up to $100, from June 23rd to June 26th. The deposit bonus code is “JuneFever”. Unlike other reload bonuses which are usually 20% up to $100, this is a full on 100%, so it’s quite remarkable for Empire Poker. The catch however, is that they’ve upped the bonus requirements so that you must play 15x raked hands in 10 days to release your bonus (i.e., $100 bonus = 1500 raked hands, $50 bonus = 750 raked hands).
June 20th, 2005
A few more hand histories to go and all of the commented stuff will be uploaded. .
June 19th, 2005
Another batch of Merv’s commented histories for the $50 single table tournaments have been uploaded: .
June 17th, 2005
I uploaded more commented histories from Merv’s $50 single table tournaments. You can get them here: .
Also, a number of people asked me if I can comment on their histories or tutor them. The answer is no. I don’t mean to be rude, but I have very little time and have something arranged with Merv only. People are still emailing me asking for poker tips and help on a daily basis, so I would also appreciate if you can visit the poker forums instead (look at the link above) and post your questions there. This website is a one man shop and I do not have the time to sift through and answer all of my emails and private messages to boot, let alone take on new students, work on a new replayer, answer the questions in the forums, work and play poker. Not going to happen. So please, don’t email me unless it’s important – that’s all I ask.
If you *really* do need poker tutoring and are serious about it, I have two poker instructors I *can* refer you to. Travis, my 15/30 limit buddy and Heids, a member of the forum who is a strong $50, $100 and $200 single-table tournament player. Both charge reasonable rates and are very good at what they do. They’re also friendlier than me by a mile, so you’re in better hands with those guys than a grouch like me 🙂
June 16th, 2005
This is crazy. I just got this message from Poker Room:
Another speed ball. In order to fill our 50 WSOP seats, we’re launching a few $750+0 SnG tournaments where the winner gets a $13,500 WSOP package, meaning a $6,000 overlay. This we need to push out in all the forums etc. We’ll run a maximum 8 of these tournaments, until 6 AM EDT June 14th (tomorrow). The tournaments are listed under the SnG tab as “WSOP OVERLAY!”. They have a 2,500 starting stack and 12 minute levels. All the best!
With a $6,000 overlay, these tournaments are incredibly +EV! For example, if you played in 10 tournaments with a 1 in 10 shot at winning (purely random chance), it would only cost you $7,500 to take a $13,500 seat. So, since a lot of us at this site are more like 2 or 3 in 10 to win a first place seat, this is a huge deal.
June 15th, 2005
I’ve been severely busy and will continue to be busy for the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve uploaded three hand histories from $50 single table tournaments that I’ve commented on. These were from Merv (member of the forums), who I am helping tutor in the $50 STT games. You can replay them by clicking on the links here: .
Remember that the Party Poker Replayer is Internet Explorer compatible only, so you must use that in order to view the replays. I’ll post more gradually over time so the server isn’t pounded to death. And yes, a new replayer will be out soon. It’s free. Stop bugging me about it.
June 7th, 2005
The bonus guide is going to updated yet again (going for a record here). The reason is that Noble Poker is now offering 100% bonus up to $800 for a select few sites. We’re special apparently, so we get to offer this bonus 🙂
Goodies in the form of new commented hand histories will be released later tonight (tommorow?) as well. More details will be released along with the histories as well. Stay tuned!
June 6th, 2005
I made a slight error in the last post: the reload deposit for Party Poker is valid up to June 8th
, rather than on June 8th only. Sorry for the mistake. Also, Miamipuck posted another link about Barry Greenstein in the forums, which you can read here at ESPN.
Also, the bonus hunting guide has been updated, yet again. It appears Bodog.com had a 20% bonus instead of a 10% bonus, so that’s been fixed. I have a feeling the bonus page is going to have to be updated a lot, arg.
June 4th, 2005
Party Poker is having a 25% reload deposit bonus up to $150 on June 8th only. This does not stack with new sign-up bonuses however, so new players are still limited to the $25 sign-up bonus or 20% up to $100 bonus (check out the Party Poker bonus code page for more details).
An interesting read I just found, was Barry Greenstein’s rankings of various high stakes poker players that he has played with. Barry isn’t the flashiest or even well known poker player, but he’s (in my opinion) one of the best players around and a great guy to boot. So, his opinions of other players is definitely entertaining to read. (Warning: Barry’s site uses music, so just a heads-up)
June 2st, 2005
The bonus hunting guide has been updated, as the poker sites are all ramping up their bonuses to compete with each other, so the new bonuses have been incorporated into the guide now. In other news, the WSOP season is here so it should be fun to start seeing how much more attention poker is going to get this year than even last year’s record breaking turnout.
If anyone else out there wants a plug on this site, you gotta be able to teach me 30/60 as well (grin). No really, if anyone wants to plug their own blog or say hi to the 3,500 odd visitors to this site a day, email me and maybe I’ll do it in return for a favor 🙂
June 1st, 2005
A new month, a new post. Poker Room is now offering a special deal with the Party Poker Strategy Guide by offering a 50% sign-up bonus (up to $250) for our visitors. You can either use the link or use the promotion code SAFARI to get the 50% bonus.
The biggest news is that a new version of the Party Poker replayer will be out soon, that will be an entire overhaul to the current replayer. It will support hard drive histories, PokerStars histories, Firefox and Netscape and have all around more robust features. I will also be uploading a few things this week here and there (most likely this weekend), so expect some surprises and check back for goodies later.

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