June 22nd, 2004
Wow, someone finally hit the Party Poker bad beat Jackpot a few days ago. The cool thing about the bad beat Jackpots is that everyone at the table gets a piece of the prize, so I’m sure the whole table was quite happy. I still don’t recommend you play the bad beat tables because they have a higher rake, but if you do, well.. good luck 🙂
Just a reminder that the Poker Tracker bad-beat giveaway will be ending soon! Check out the thread in the forums for more details.
June 10th, 2004
Don’t forget, the (link has spoilers) episode is airing tonight on the Travel Channel!
Also, don’t you hate it when you have a good hand and everyone folds?
June 10th, 2004
Party Poker update! Just logged in today and saw Party Poker now has Bad Beat Jackpot tables, Life Line reconnection feature, 2-table and 3-table Sit & Go tournaments and a few other changes.
One a personal note, I don’t recommend you play the Bad Beat Jackpot tables because Party Poker doesn’t dig out of it’s own pockets to give you the jackpot. They take more rake out of the pot of course, so you are paying for your own bad beat jackpot. During Beta stage, they aren’t taking extra rake, so it’s all good for now. Once it’s out of Beta stage, then you might as well be scratching a lotto ticket playing at those tables. But, some of us are gamblers at heart, so I guess my advice only goes so far 🙂
June 9th, 2004 (Second update)
A real gem of a treat today. I’ve worked with Frozen, a *very* good Party Poker player, to provide some of his hand histories for this site. He is a top player at the $200+15 no limit SnGs (single table tournaments) so his histories are a glimpse at poker through the eyes of a professional.
I’d comment on the histories, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for even me to try and evaluate the play of someone better than me, so I’m just posting them up in the visitor hand history page as is. Please note that I haven’t gone through them all myself, so ignore the comments on the visitor history page, as those all need to be fixed. I just thought I’d post it now, since it’s going to take awhile to go through them all.
Enjoy – and thanks again to Frozen for providing such a valuable resource for the rest of us!
June 9th, 2004
I’ve updated the Tournament Guide page to include a guide on No Limit SnGs on Party Poker, since this was the most requested feature on the voting booth. I’ll post a new poll up soon as well.
June 1st, 2004
I’m playing a PL100 and NL50 game right now on Party Poker. On my second hand in the pot limit $100 game, I got dealt QQ and raised it up pre-flop to $13 (5 limpers in the game). Three players left on the flop, which comes JT9, with two spades. I check (aggressive player in late position), next player checks, aggressive player bets $4, I re-raise to $25, other player folds, aggressive player goes all-in. I tank and think about the play, then toss another $40 in to call.
Turn comes 6 of spades and river comes 4 of clubs. Aggressive player shows 74 suited. He called $13 pre-flop, bet a 7 high spade draw, not only called my raise but went all in for $65 more. After that, he made his draw to take me out.
The funny thing is, after all of that, all I could think was “Damn this is a good table!”. I’ve been playing poker too long it seems 🙂
Also, Poker Tracker Giveaway #2 in the forums right now. I’m also writing a guide to SnG (single table tournament) no limit games for Party Poker. Should be posted in a day or two.

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