July 31st, 2004
Just in – Party Poker deposit bonus code "ASB". Offers a 20% deposit match, up to $100 and is valid through August 3rd. As usual, you must play a certain amount of raked hands to release the bonus. I guess this means I'll be non-tournament games for a change – but only for a few days, I promise 🙂

July 30th, 2004
It's 3:00am and I need to work tomorrow… er.. today. Why am I still up? Because I just got done playing one of the longest single table tournament battles on Party Poker that I've ever been in. Not to toot my own horn, but I thought it was a damn good game. Then again, I'm slightly out of it right now. Check it out for yourself:


I am going to sleep now…

July 28th, 2004
I got bored and decided to make some after seeing a funny skin on another forum. I made a useful one and a not-so-useful one, but you guys can tell me which one you like more in the forums 🙂

July 28th, 2004
I added a $3/6 ring game commentary in the track my play page at the request of B_L_U_F_F. About midway through making the replay, I was sorely reminded on why I enjoy my single table tournaments over limit games, but it ended up not too bad in the end.

July 27th, 2004
Looks like Party Poker is giving away free Party Poker hats. I just got this email:

You are eligible for a PartyPoker.com cap. All you have to do is play 100 raked hands by 11th August 23:59 hrs EST and we will send you an exclusive PartyPoker.com cap.

So hurry, login today and enjoy the best online poker action only at Party Poker

You can learn about your qualification details by clicking on the "Go to My Account (website)" option in the "My Account" tab on the PartyPoker.com Lobby.

Please allow 5 to 7 weeks for delivery.

Here's a picture of the hat at the left for those of you who want to know what it looks like. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the Shana Hiatt calendar and based on the WPT poll on the site, I'm sure most of you would agree 🙂

July 24th, 2004
Congratulations to JP (pgnp) for winning both the tournament and the $100 bounty for knocking me out of the tournament. That's a cool $190 for a $11 investment, so hats off to JP. Congrats also goes to 2nd and 3rd place finishers, Randy72560 and Ender2K. The raffle winner is Darinvg, who wins a free copy of Poker Tracker! So Darin – please contact me by the end of the week via the forums if you wish to receive your copy of Poker Tracker.

Thanks again for everyone who showed up and for making this a fun tournament!

July 23rd, 2004
I might live to regret this, but I'm jumping up the limits a little and will try my hand at the $200+15 STT games on Party Poker now. I've been working on my game a lot lately, so I'm actively hammering out kinks in my game. Hopefully I'll see if I've worked on it enough to survive at the $200 buy-in level. I'll keep you all posted 🙂

For now, here's the history for my

July 22nd, 2004
The PokerStars tournament is still on for this Saturday, so register if you want to play!

In other news, here is the replay from last week's forum tournament:

If you decide to watch, please note that I play different in this game than I normally do. The reason is that all the visitors to this site pretty much know how I play, so I have to mix my game up a bit. That said, this probably means I'll have to change my game yet again next week 🙂

July 18th, 2004
The tournament did end up taking place yesterday, although it was quite short-handed as many people were not able to make the game. There will be another tournament this coming Saturday for 1:00pm PST (4:00pm EST) for all those who weren't able to make it (or for those who wish to play again).

The standings were: 1st – Hostile6, 2nd – Boxtrotter and 3rd – Shanus. Congratulations to Shanus and Garnetshark (mathman) for winning the raffle for free copies of Poker Tracker! You will both be contacted shortly.

For the tournament this Saturday, the $50 bounty still stands for whoever knocks me out, along one copy of Poker Tracker being raffled. Your buy-in will still be refunded if you get pocket Aces cracked while all-in as well. A note that Mathman almost got the $50 bounty yesterday, but I managed to river him on a big hand, so public apologies for that one 🙂

Tournament Details: PokerStars this Saturday at 1:00pm PST. Buy-in is $10+1 and the game is no limit Texas Hold'em. Look for game "Party at MJ's – July Tournament #2" and register with password: pokertracker.

July 14th, 2004
Good news! The folks over at PokerStars have offered to host private tournaments for this site. PokerStars is a great site as well, so I'm happy to be hosting the tournament there.

The tournament will be this Saturday at 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST. The game is no-limit hold'em, with a $11 buy-in. Prize payout is for the top three spots, but I'm tossing in other goodies as well:

– All players enter a drawing for a copy of Poker Tracker!
– $50 bonus bounty on my head to whoever knocks me out!
– If your pocket Aces are cracked, I'll refund your buy-in!

To participate in the tournament, visit the PokerStars website www.pokerstars.com to download their software first.

After you've installed the software, create an account then look for a private tournament called "Party at TP – July Tournament". To register, enter in the private password "pokertracker" and your name will be added to the tournament list.

That's it – hope to see a lot of you guys there! If you have any questions, please post your questions in the forums.

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