The winner of the Birmingham leg of the Genting Poker Series (GPS) is Julian Thew, who defeated an impressive field of 590 talented poker players to grab this title. The tournament action lasted for more than 4 days and Thew won a sum of $63,101 for his achievement. The Genting Poker Series had a buy-in of £400.

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The poker player was naturally elated at having become the champion of GPS Birmingham. Sharing his experiences at the Genting Poker Series, Thew said, “It is a great way to start the year and Genting have created a fantastic series here. I actually used the re-entry, which was a blessing and then I was always above average with my stack and it was only deep in to day 2 that I went below having 100 big blinds.”

Although not one of the most widely known poker tournament series at present, the Genting Poker Series is slowly gaining popularity for a number of reasons. First, it has a low and affordable buy-in, and second, it attracts a wide range of recreational and well as professional poker players.

The player field at the Birmingham leg of the Genting Poker Series was 60 percent larger than what it was last year, owing to which the prize pool had become an impressive $371,180. Besides, a large number of popular professional poker players succeeded in winning cash prizes at the GPS Birmingham event. Some of them were Joe Beevers, who finished 47th; Charles Chattha, who finished 23rd; Mark McCluskey, who finished 42nd; and Ryan Spittles, who finished 18th.

The final table comprised nine players fighting for the title. When the final table action began, Thew found himself facing formidable opponents such as Ross Boatman of The Hendon Mob and Daiva Barauskaite, a sponsored poker player at Genting Poker. Thew successfully beat them all, but had to defend another formidable professional poker player called Barry Neville before he could claim the title.

The final table results are as follows. Julian Thew, the champion of GPS Birmingham, won £40,120; and Barry Neville, the runner-up of the event, won £32,620.

The players who finished third, fourth, fifth, and sixth were Ross Boatman, Ceri Rees, Alex Lindop, and Kourosh Radfar, who won £30,620, £31,120, £14,750, and £11,800, respectively. The players who finished seventh, eighth, and ninth were Alex Goulder, Daiva Barauskaite, and Cherie Joy, who won prizes of £9,440, £7,080, and £5,130, respectively.

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