Josh “JJProdigy” Fields, one of the world’s youngest and most controversial players of all time, recently issued an apology on 2+2 and PocketFives for his previous crimes of multi-accounting and account-buying. Fields was banned in February of 2006 from certain well-known sites such as PokerStars and PartyPoker when the sites found out that he was playing on multiple accounts at once. He was only 16 years old at the time.

The apology that he issued was released on Saturday to the online poker community. The responses on various poker forums have been surprisingly supportive of the young poker phenomenon. Many players in the online poker community seem to realize that although “JJProdigy” has committed several fairly large mistakes, he is still incredibly young. He will be turning 18 in two weeks and has promised to stay offline from any poker sites for the remainder of his life as an underage citizen.

Perhaps the reason that so many players seem ready to accept “JJProdigy” into the community is because of the sheer mystery that shrouds this young man. Many of the responses on PocketFives following the “JJProdigy” apology seem more curious more than upset. The fact that this young star has been able to remain virtually undetected for all these years apparently has more people impressed than upset. Perhaps the online poker community has realized that these various illegalities committed by Josh Fields have been done by a person that is little more than a child. When one reads the various strategies Fields used in the past to be able to multi-account and play underage, the sheer brilliance and elusiveness shown by this 17 year old deserves more applause than criticism.

He recently posted on 2+2 a brief account of how he multi-accounted:

"To pull it off, it is quite simple. Sites can detect two things: ip addresses and the computer used. As long as you have different ip addresses and different computers, it is an easy stunt to pull off. For the different ip addresses, I simply used Verizon Wireless cards.

One of the problems I soon began to realize was getting money into accounts. Inter account transfers are the easiest and most logical decision, but that makes links to your accounts which is one of the first suspicions. Near the end, I tried to get different deposit methods with each account, whether it be Visa check cards or ePassporte."

Others have not been so impressed by young “JJProdigy”. Many find the apology conveniently timed considering that “JJProdigy” has already made public that he intends to play in the Aussie Million as well as the PCA. Critics are saying that he is just trying to save face now that he will be playing live against the very people that he has been cheating all these years.

Regardless of what the online poker community will think of “JJProdigy”, what is certain is that this already impressive player will have much to prove at the live poker tables. He has a reputation as large as almost any poker player alive and hasn’t even stepped foot inside of a casino. Undoubtedly critics and fans alike will be closely watching “JJProdigy” this year.

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