Golf player Jordan Spieth said at a recent interview that he also loves playing poker. The 21-year-old Texan has had a phenomenal season on the PGA tour and has also won a Masters and is the proud owner of the special green jacket that is rewarded to only the winner.

The LA Times reports that Spieth enjoys wearing the green jacket while playing poker as he feels it reminds his opponents that he is quite formidable in a competitive atmosphere. When asked how he uses his winner’s jacket, he said: “I took it out and wore it to play poker with a couple of my buddies. That blew them away.”

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Spieth is also the owner of a unique dining table that can be easily changed into a poker table. The New York Times reports that the golfer uses it whenever he wants to play poker with friends.

Michael Greller, Spieth’s former teacher, also shares his enthusiasm for poker. Greller revealed his fascination for the game while working at the Masters with Spieth. Greller helped Spieth regain his focus on the Masters by comparing the situation to a poker table. He told Spieth that he can afford to relax and allow his opponents to take risks as he had pocket aces and the pre-flop advantage. Obviously, Spieth took this advice seriously as he went ahead and won the title.

Spieth is just one of the many golf players who enjoy playing poker when they are not playing golf. Tiger Woods is also known for his passion for the game, especially as he holds an annual charity poker tournament.

Just as there are golf players with a penchant for poker, there are poker players who enjoy playing golf when they are not busy with poker tournaments. Top poker pros such as Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Erick Lindgren, and Phil Ivey have played a lot of golf for cash prizes.

Lindgren is associated with a famous golf prop bet, in which he won $340,000. He had to play four rounds, shooting under 100 for each round in one day. Although he won the bet, he had to rush to the hospital immediately after the 14-hour session as he was completely exhausted.

Spieth is not one of those players who will place prop bets of the type placed by Lindgren, but the poker community is always happy to have a golfer supporting their game.

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