recently had a question-and-answer session with Jonathan Little, the professional poker player, during which Little interacted with Erik Fast and revealed a number of interesting poker tips.

Little has attracted a lot of attention as a tournament poker player in the past eight years, during which he has grabbed a couple of World Poker Tour (WPT) titles and won over $5.5 million playing various live poker tournaments. In other words, Little is quite a formidable tournament poker player. Recently, Little has achieved fame by becoming a top poker teacher, having written “Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker,” a book about tournament poker in three volumes. He has also been giving the readers of Card Player free instructions and making special offers.

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In his interview with Fast, he spoke about a number of topics. Regarding his achievements, he said: “2013 was a great year for me. I feel like I have developed a solid balance in life, playing poker around 18 days per month on average and working on my various poker businesses and relaxing the other 12 days per month. I am confident that actually wanting to play poker instead of actually having to play poker has played a key role in my recent success.”

About his role as a poker teacher, he said that he has made a point of teaching new poker players “in a way that would make good use of their time and effort.” He said that he learned how to play poker by reading “countless poker books” and spending a lot of time on poker forums. He said: “I decided to consolidate all of that info into easy to understand books and training videos so players can learn how to play well without devoting their entire life to poker as I did.”

Little also said that he has begun hosting live webinars, during which students can interact with him in real and also take part in a question-and-answer session at the end. Each student gets a copy of the webinar, which lasts for four hours. Little’s next webinar is scheduled for 29 March, during which he will talk about increasing aggressiveness to maximize profits. He will be hosting yet another webinar on 19 April, but hasn’t thought about the topic. Interested players can send an email to for more details.

Little’s life, however, is not just poker. He recently got engaged and even took part in a marathon.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff