The €10,450 Mix Max No Limit Hold’em event of World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) 2012, which was fraught with several heated arguments among players, an unexpected extension, dramatic moments, high tension, and floor rulings, has finally come to an end with Jonathan Aguiare as the last man standing. The victor has received a prestigious WSOP gold bracelet, the first in his poker gaming career, a first place cash prize of €258,047, and 540 Card Player Player of the Year (POY) points.

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Speaking about his victory, Aguiare said, “It’s been a long time coming. You play this game for a long time, and this is all you want. And now to win an event like this and to play for so long… it’s such a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be heads-up for a gold bracelet. Winning this is a dream come true.”

Aguiare, however, had to fight very hard to bag his first ever WSOP gold bracelet. He not only had to push himself head and shoulders above 96 tough opponents, but also had to deal with arguments, tensions, extensions, and floor rulings. The tournament ought to have lasted only for 3 days, but the poker game among the last 4 players lasted much longer than anybody had expected.

The runner-up of the event was Brandon Cantu, who played a tough semi-final game against Roger Hairabedian, who won the WSOP bracelet recently. The semi-final, which lasted for 8 hours, was packed with heated arguments between the two players, and at several points, the floor staff had to intervene and make decisions that neither of the players liked.

Although Cantu won the semi-finals, he had to play against Aguiare before the champion could be determined. The heads-up match between the two lasted for five hours, and before the champion could be determined, the casino announced that it was closing time. The heads-up match had to be postponed to give both players the chance to take part with the WSOPE Main Event.

Two days later, the two players continued as they had been knocked off the Main Event tables. Although Cantu was in a slightly advantageous position to begin with, Aguiar soon became the chip leader and then displayed an Ace King combination that defeated Cantu’s deuce pair.

Cantu later stated that he could have easily defeated Aguiar if the match had not been extended, adding that the extension gave his opponent a chance to take rest.

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