Joe Hachem, a millionaire and poker enthusiast will be hosting a charity poker game event to generate funds for an Autism organization. The player launched the Joe Hachem Shooting Star Invitational Poker Challenge to help raise funds for the organization of Autism Spectrum Australia.

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The poker player revealed the reason and inspiration behind his choice to do something for society. Hachem is very serious about this cause as the struggle with autism is something he has seen in the life of his cousin Dib who is severely autistic. The player revealed a family tragedy where both his aunt and uncle has passed away within a year and had left behind their teenage son Dib in need of care.

“One of the saddest things for me was that we don’t know if he realized what happened to his parents. We are hoping on some level deep down there was some sort of reaction inside but we just don’t know,” he said.

Hachem appears to care for his cousin and stated that he wanted his cousin Dib to have the best care possible for the rest of his life. And inspired by Dib, poker player Hachem has decided to also help other families who have autistic children get the help and support they require through this charity tournament. Hachem has established that the proceeds generated from this poker fund raiser – which is expected to be a high roller event and create lots of funds – will be sent straight to the families of such children.

In regards to his cousin, Hachem has decided to get him professional care.”It would have been a dream to adopt my cousin but he is so low-functioning it takes such a commitment and it wouldn’t be fair on anybody. But it’s made me see how important it is to raise awareness. The thing that annoys me more is that we still don’t know anything about it, despite all the research that goes on we are no different today than we were 20 years ago,” he said.

Joe Hachem appears to have already secured a few good supporters, among who is the noted Aussie Cricketer Shane Warne. Warne who has been known to be quite the poker enthusiast himself has promised to attend the tourney.  Warne and Hachem are good friends and one can expect several other poker players and philanthropists interested in this cause to participate in the event.

Joe Hachem is a noted poker player and has secured a reputation in the land down under for his mad poker skills.  Hachem is known as Australia’s poker king.

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