Joe Hachem knew he accomplished something tremendous when he won the 2005 World Series of Poker and its $7.5 million first prize, but he never really thought so many people would care. Thus, a recent series of threats against him and his family have spurred him to move to a new residence. With this one, he will keep the address unlisted.

“You get a few phone calls, you get a letter in the mail and you think, ‘You know what, I don't need this,’” the Australian champ said.

After he won the WSOP Main Event, he said that the money was significant to him because he would be able to take care of his wife and four children. And while millions of dollars can buy someone peace of mind, the money can only go so far. Sometimes a guy just wants to live his life.

“It was definitely life changing, but the funny thing is I didn't expect it,” Hachem said. “I just thought I'd be world champion, get a nice endorsement and go back to my normal life. Bulls**t. There's nothing normal about my life these days.”

Hachem’s next major tournament appearance will be at the World Poker Tour Championship at the Bellagio in Las Vegas at the end of April.

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