888poker pro Jessica Dawley is eager to see more women in poker. Dawley, who grew up in Southern Indiana, learned the game from her uncle at the age of six. When she was in high school, she played poker to pay the fees. Later, she joined the US Air Force, which deployed her to the UAE, where she played real money poker with other soldiers.

When she left the US Air Force, she decided to play poker at the professional level. So far, she has travelled all over the world, signed a fat sponsorship deal with 888poker, and has won $133,674 playing live poker tournaments. She won her biggest cash prize of $69,222 for finishing 17th in the Aussie Millions Poker Championship in 2010. She also won $12,993 after finishing sixth in the Southern Poker Championship of 2009 and $9,978 for finishing 173rd in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event of 2014. She also appeared on the immensely popular Ladies Night Cash Game of Poker Night in America.

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Recently, Dawley shared her views with PokerNews.com. She told PokerNews that, although the percentage of women in poker is lesser, the number of women playing poker is on the rise. She said: “Clearly, women are an untapped market and online poker sites such as 888poker have certainly opened the door for us to join in on the game.” She also pointed out that “888 is doing a great job at marketing to women” and that the site is getting “tremendous turnouts to ladies events and promotions.”

When PokerNews noted that online poker legalization has led to an increase in the number of women poker players, Dawley said that this is because of anonymity. Stating that women feel more comfortable to learn the game in their own home, she said that “it is very clear that in increasing numbers women are playing online at sites like 888poker.”
She also opined that women are better players than men as they “generally have better analytical skills, are more self-disciplined, and less concerned about ego than men.” She said: “These qualities, when combined with thoughtful, smart play, theoretically make women better at playing the game of poker than men.”

Commenting on the use of sex by certain companies to promote poker, she said that her aim is to get more women playing poker as against using them as “sex symbols to sell the sport to men.”

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