Shortly after busting in the 14th place in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015 Event #32, a $5k NL Hold’em Six-handed tournament, Jennifer Tilly, who was once nominated for the Academy Award and winner of the WSOP 2005 Ladies Event, told PokerNews that she doesn’t feel like she has “got anything to prove.”

She said: “I actually think I’m a very good player. I’ve got a lot of cashes, almost a million in tournament earnings and I’m like number 30 on the Women’s All-Time Money list. I feel like I’m a good player and if I have something to prove it’s only to myself. I’ve had a lot of deep runs in open events and I think a lot of people don’t know me or know my game and its easy to make assumptions.”

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She also said that someone had posted a bio on her on a poker website, stating that she participates only in celebrity tournaments and that she had won only once and owes all her fame to the fact that her boyfriend is Phil Laak, a professional poker player.

She said that those interested in verifying facts can check out her stats on Hendon Mob. Opining that many people give her flack for being high profile, she said that many people fail to understand her “sense of humor.” She said that she had worn low-cut dresses while doing TV poker shows and told a lot of jokes because she was “just trying to make good entertainment.”

Tilly is one of the most trolled at online poker forums. Players had ripped her for years after she and Patrik Antonius played heads-up on NBC’s Poker After Dark. During the game, she said that she felt Antonius could be having pocket kings and that’s what set off the online flaming. Referring it to a hand that she had “misplayed in a real spectacular fashion,” she said that she had just made that remark for a joke.

However, she was least cautious when she made a deep run in the $5k Six Max. She said that the player field was tough, but she likes it that way. She said that Six Max is her favorite because it gives plenty of opportunities for bluffing and maneuvering and that it ups her game when the player field is very tough.

The tournament has added $25,022 to her bankroll, and Tilly is looking forward to playing another tournament.

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