Jennifer Tilly has made a name for herself in Hollywood and is an Academy Award winning nominee. She has also made it big on the poker circuit and has won over $900,000 in career prize money according to reports from the Hendon Mob. She has done her best to  balance her career as a poker player and her acting career over the years.

Tilly’s biggest win on the poker circuit was when she won the 2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Ladies Championship. She has been recently nominated into the women’s poker hall of fame and stated that she wants to spend more time playing poker in the coming months. In an interview with, she discussed both her careers including appearances in TV shows, forthcoming acting projects and about women in poker.

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Poker Night in America is a show that Jennifer plays an active role in. She enjoys the fun atmosphere of the show and states that it has helped her learn and become a better player. Tilly also appreciates that the Ladies World Championships will now be a separate event being played before the main WSOP championships. This will give women an opportunity to play either tournaments and will increase participation of women in poker. The fact that these two tournaments are being held on different dates will also give women the flexibility to attend other important commitments which might coincide with either tournament.

When talking about her future goals, Jennifer says she wants to improve her performance in poker, take part in more tournaments, appear in more poker shows and move up the money list. She also discussed about the importance of her participation in challenging events, like her participation the previous year in Super High Roller cash game in which she competed with high stake players. Such tournaments, according to her, help her become a better player.

Tilly was thrilled at being nominated into the Woman’s Poker Hall of Fame and states that she gets more recognition these days for her accomplishments in poker than in acting. She was happy that more women are taking up poker these days and said that she did not believe that it was the responsibility of major tournaments to push for more women to play the game.

In a statement, Tilly said “I don’t feel it is the responsibility of the major tournaments to attract women to the game.  Women who want to play these events will. That said, I think it is very heart-warming how the WSOP has gone out of their way to preserve the tradition of the Ladies Tournament, and make it a fun environment for the women who come out once a year to participate.”

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