If you think Phil Hellmuth has the worst behavior at the poker table when he experiences major tilts, then think again. A poker tournament in Osaka, Japan was disrupted after a man attempted to flip a table, leaving everyone stunned. The incident, which occurred over the weekend, was caught on camera as the tournament was live streamed. Organizers have yet to issue a statement regarding the rampage.

Table-Flipping Man Wasn’t Part of the Tournament

The remaining players of the Japan Gold Dragon poker tournament were in the middle of action when a man in an orange hoodie appeared out of nowhere and created a scene – he lifted the table and tried to flip it. Chips and cans of energy drink were all over the place as the table crashed to the floor. One of its legs collapsed, forcing one player to hold it up.
Everyone at the scene was shocked, clueless on what to do. The floor staff is seen picking up some chips that fell on the floor while the remaining players tried to discern what had happened. Shortly after his table-flipping attempt, the culprit walked away from the scene but returned later to engage in what appears to be a quick confrontation with tournament staff. The livestream was then interrupted.
The original YouTube video was flooded with comments, with many people speculating as to what really happened. There were unverified reports too that police were called to the scene. Several players also guessed that the RFID technology embedded in the table may have been damaged by the cans of Red Bull, though the game resumed without any further issues. The incident took place during the final table of the tournament.
As of this writing, it remains unclear what pushed the man to carry out such an act. But according to Japanese player Munehiko Matsuyama, who might have links to the tournament, the man in orange wasn’t actually part of the tournament. He added that the table-flipping was also not related to the tournament itself, and that the tournament organizer is not expected to issue a statement on the matter.

The Poker Brat Japanese Edition

The video has since gained hundreds of thousands of views since it first surfaced over the weekend, attracting plenty of reactions, some of which are comparing the man’s behavior to that of Hellmuth.
The Poker Brat courted another controversy last year when he went on a profanity-laced rant at the final table of the $10K Seven Card Stud Championship. The blow-up included a “joke” about burning down the Rio. The f-bombs went on for a good 15-minutes; at some point, he’d toss the cards off out of frustration.
His bratty side was triggered when he lost a crucial pot to eventual winner Anthony Zinno. Hellmuth exited the final table in fourth place for $54,730.
Many players and fans find it entertaining when Hellmuth channels his Poker Brat persona but his latest meltdown may have already crossed the line and some were saying he must not be tolerated.
The 16-time WSOP bracelet winner just couldn’t ditch his Poker Brat personality despite previously saying he’d work on that particular side of him. The bratty behavior was also on display when he lost to Nick Wright on Poker After Dark last year. Hellmuth also faced the sports broadcaster on Round 1 of High Stakes Duel III. Wright declined a rematch after losing to the Poker Hall of Famer.
Incidents of tilt are quite common over the past few days. Last week, two players also had the chips flying during an episode of Hustler Casino Live. An Israeli player named Ron engaged in a quick war of words with an irate opponent, though no table flipping happened.

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