Jaime Staples, who streams poker video content on Twitch.tv, has become a member of Team PokerStars, joining Jason Somerville, who joined PokerStars early this year.

Staples said: “I really do think Twitch will be an integral part of growing the game. In the same way online poker influenced live poker, streaming on Twitch will revolutionize poker viewing; more hands, fewer commercials, and completely on demand. Best of all, there’s no barrier of entry for production.”

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In a press release, PokerStars stated that “Staples has become a very popular host on live video streaming site Twitch.tv,” during these months. The operator said that including Staples in its Team PokerStars is part of its “initiative to continually introduce the game of poker to a new audience.” Referring to Twitch as “a new medium for the poker world,” PokerStars stated that “Staples is one of its biggest stars, regularly streaming and personally interacting with thousands of viewers.”

Staples, a resident of Alberta in Canada, is now 23 years old. He originally aimed to become a professional golf player, but found out about poker five years back. Although he did not have a lot of specialization, he went to post-secondary school, but decided to give the game all his attention three years later.

In Oct 2014, he became a professional poker player and started earning a living by playing online poker tourneys at PokerStars. On March 10, 2015, he won $19,422 in the Big $109, and throughout the game, he live streamed on Twitch to get more than 4,800 viewers. Calling it an exciting day, he said that it encouraged him to aim for a six-figure pot.

Recently, PokerNews asked Staples how he felt about joining PokerStars and he replied that it just feels good. However, the deal means that Staples will be live streaming mostly PokerStars games. He said that he will stream the WSOP $1k online poker tournament and also take part in an FTOPS tournament. He also said that he is currently focusing on achieving the Supernova VIP level.

Revealing his opinions about Twitch being the future of the game of poker, he said that he really considers Twitch to be a “huge for the game.” Live streaming, according to him, will completely change the way people view poker games, especially as it means fewer commercials and more hands. Live streaming is going to become popular as it is “not produced reality, but actual reality.”

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