The Party Poker $300K Weekly No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament tournament came to a close at 6:15 pm EST on Sunday night when thorburn87 and jackrich000 reached a deal for the remaining $100,000 in prize pool. 1,146 people paid the $200+15 buy, which made up to a $71,800 overlay. Here is the rest of the top 10:

1. jackrich000   $51,644.12
2. thorburn87   $47,335.89
3. funkey12345$21,750
4. plzsosick        $17,250
5. canolieater    $14,250
6. Fla80               $11,250
7. Idrigel             $8,550
8. Topdown4444 $5,700
9. Downdude_   $4,350
10. Barian White   $3,500

While jackrich000 had been the big stack for much of the Final Table in the June 29th edition of the PP 300K, thorburn87 more than tripled up in back-to-back hands heading into heads-up play. jackrich000 was then able to reverse a more than 3 to 2 chip advantage for thorburn87 and regain the chip lead for a favorable 52.2% of the approximately $100,000 left in the prize pool. 10th place was officially awarded to player Barian White, however, player jovialjohnny went out at almost the exact same time as did White. In fact, at the time of his elimination at the hands of eventual winner jackrich000, jovialjohnny had been the second biggest stack remaining in the whole tournament. For a full recap, click on June 29th .

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