The World Series of Poker events this year have paved way for many success stories and a lot of drama. And recently, there is another addition to that story and its none other than the Melbourne resident, Jackie Glazier. Jackie is a professional poker player from Ivanhoe, and this year she entered the WSOP tournament through the Event 41 $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em. She is not a bracelet winner, perhaps next time, but she did win a whole lot of money by finishing second. Jackie walked away with $457,776, her biggest career earning to date.
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Jackie ended the last day of the event as a chip leader with 6 million. She began her journey heads-up against Greg Ostrander. Their final hour was set to begin, after a 10 hour heads-up. However, Ostrander had a change of mind following a quick bathroom break, and hence the decision was made to halt the game and to purse it the following day. Jackie was a little taken aback over this sudden turn of events, and she quickly added, “It was a bit controversial because the clock had already started to tick down for the final hour but no hands had been dealt.”
Although Jackie did not win the tournament, as she would have liked to, she was extremely proud of her biggest ever cash win in her short career timeline. On how the last few hands were dealt, Jackie said, “The cards just fell the way they fell and there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.” Although her luck did not favor her to win, she does believe she has come a long way. Even though, she did not manage to win a bracelet, she played her very best and is proud of her achievement. However, if Jackie did manage to win, she would have not just won her first WSOP title and her first ever bracelet; she would have also been the first female Australian to win a WSOP tournament in history.
Jackie considers that being a woman has its own advantages within this male-dominated sport. Male opponents generally underestimate their female contenders, as their egos take control in heated tournament situations. Jackie is confident about her play and her dreams about making it to her first WSOP title. Today, she has a number of tournaments lined up over the next three weeks, which includes the World Series of Poker Main Event to be held on July 8.

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