The largest online poker site in the world will be coming to Italy; PokerStars announced that they will be opening a room just for Italians that will be called

The news of PokerStars’ new Italian room comes just a few months after Italy decided to legalize online poker as a whole in the nation. With the legalization, people will now be able to play in all of the real money games and tournaments that the site has to offer.

Italy’s move to grant PokerStars licensing in the country is one that will satisfy the growing number of Italians that play online poker each day. One study done earlier this year estimated that the average Italian player spends at least 600 Euros a year on the game of poker and this number only looks to go up with the opening of With the unveiling of this Italian-only room, over a half million accounts are expected to be opened by residents of the nation who will be seeking to cash in on PokerStars bonus codes.

The popularity of online poker in Italy has been fueled heavily by the success that Italian pros have experienced within the game. Team PokerStars member Dario Minieri is one of those highly successful pros and he is very highly regarded within the nation’s online poker community – a measure of his success is the fact that he was able to purchase a brand new Porsche using only his PokerStars bonus points.

Minieri weighed in on Italy’s decision to grant PokerStars licensing by saying,

Players on will have the opportunity to win their entry into famous international poker events such as the, European Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. These competitions require players to have the right mix of skill, training, concentration and luck.

Fabio Angeli Bufalini, who is the PokerStars Italian Country Manager, also believes that the licensing of will be a great move,

PokerStars is proud to be entering a flourishing market with this new product. This is a ground breaking time for the online poker industry, and it's very exciting that the Italian market is pioneering this move. This also is the start of a global template which could potentially be adopted in other markets internationally in the next few years.

If there’s a room that can really make an impact on Italy’s online poker scene, then it has to be PokerStars; its 15 million members-plus make it far bigger than any other site and the room also holds many of the biggest events ever seen in online poker. The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) that took place from September 5th to the 22nd broke all kinds of records as it offered over $30 million in prizes.Italian players will be hoping to take part in future huge events such as the WCOOP through

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