The global online poker industry is getting more competitive with every passing year as online gambling providers from all over the world continue to launch new products, apps and websites in an attempt to capture as much market share as possible. Playtrex, an Israeli social gaming start-up company recently released a new social poker game called ‘Wild Poker’ that brings a different perspective to social poker.

The company which is based in Tel Aviv carried out a detailed analysis of the global online gaming market for a period of twelve years and founds a number of gaps for a unique online social poker product to be developed. The Playtrex team developed a new freemium poker game that is very compelling and has an innovative twist that is designed to give social poker players a new online gaming experience. The company released ‘Wild Poker’ in open-beta mode on the 25th of August and the response so far has been encouraging.

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The Wild Poker social game is similar to Texas Hold’em but comes with an extra layer of strategy that is still easy to understand. The extra features have been incorporated from popular digital e-sport games such as Hearthstone which has been a big hit with the global poker community. Wild Poker allows users to pick any one out of the number of special characters, bearing in mind that each character has their own individual and special ‘power up’. Players will have to practice trusting and developing their ‘special instincts’ to become specialists at Wild Poker.

In a statement, Daniel Kashmir, CEO at Playtrex said “Wild Poker is a new kind of social poker game offering a different experience. Wild Poker addresses a larger market by providing an added layer of strategy which is appealing to both strategy gamers and social poker players, resulting in a high monetization and in a journey that keeps players coming back for more.”

The global online mobile gaming market is estimated to be around $37 billion and increases by 15 percent every year. The social casino gaming niche contributes a total of $4 billion to the overall market and Playtrex believes that their Wild Poker game will revolutionize the social casino market which has become rather stagnant during the last couple of years. Wild Poker has been designed to increase monetization and high retention amongst players, as these were the gaps that Playtrex’s research discovered in the social casino market.

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