After much speculation over the identity of mystery player Isildur1, it was finally revealed that the gossip mills were right and the suspected Viktor Blom was the man behind the name.
Indeed, the poker community has been abuzz with the news that Viktor Blom is Isildur1, and although this does not come as a surprise, it was unexpected that the player who kept his identity a secret for so long would eventually choose to reveal himself so soon after signing with PokerStars.
However, unfortunately for ye online poker player, his reveal did not bring him good luck and instead brought with it the taxman and a possible $149 million tax bill. These numbers were suggested by “The Local”, a Swedish newspaper which claimed that Blom may have to shell out large numbers if he was put under investigation by tax authorities.
Since Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is a native of Sweden it is believed that he will have to pay his taxes there. Blom currently resides in London, England and this may make it difficult for the Swedish tax authorities to get a hold of him.
According to Erik Boman, a spokesperson for a tax agency, “Internet poker is something we’re looking in to and I know this poker player, but I can’t comment on whether we’ve opened the case.”
Sadly for Blom, his many wins will be nothing compared to what he will feel at the sudden tax bill; even if it is not as high as $149 million, the bill is sure to tax a huge chunk of his money. It may be possible that Viktor Blom is now regretting the big reveal as it is surely going to cost him.
Blom has only recently revealed his identity and the full extent of his online poker dealings are not very well known, which means that this could take some time before his tax bill is issued. Blom is only in his twenties and may have to pay more taxes than a man 20 years his senior. He began playing poker when he was 14 and is known for his aggressive style of online poker play. He has been known to both win and lose in millions. He has played with some of the biggest poker players in the industry and beaten several of them; he is best known for having made 3 million dollars in 3 weeks.

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